IJPTL - Vol. 1, No. 1
February 2021
(e-ISSN: 2773-5826)
Corporate Social Responsibility


IJPTL - Vol. 1, No. 2
August 2021
(e-ISSN: 2773-5826)
Teaching and Learning Approaches in the New Norm

List of Papers

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List of Reviewers

Indonesian undergraduates’ perspectives of translanguaging
Reni Kusumaningputri & Dewianti Khazanah

Investigating the Usefulness of TikTok as an Educational Tool
Nur Ilianis Adnan, Syahirah Ramli & Isma Noornisa Ismail

Teaching and Learning Using the Online Platform. A New Experience
Halipah binti Hamzah & Hazlam Shamin bin Ahmad Shaberi

Students’ Response towards Synchronous Game-based Learning
Hanani Ahmad Zubir & Azila Azmi

Proctoring Test: An Attempt to Improve Fairness during Online Assessment
Nursyuhada Azzman & Mohd Nadzri Mohd Najib

Quality Assurance: Perspectives on Readiness, Trust, Cheating and Plagiarism in E-assessment
Nor Hanim Abd Rahman, Rafizah Kechil & Noor ‘Aina Abd Razak

Tales of an Educator, an Administrator and a Writer amidst COVID 19: An Autoethnography
Rofiza Aboo Bakar

Delivery and Assessment Method of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Environment) Programme during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Faraziehan Senusi, Siti Khatijah Jamaludin & Norhaslinda Nasuha

Students’ Attitude towards Online Learning amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Siti Hajar Khalid & Nor Aimi Abdul Wahab

Learning Style and Academic Performance of Optometry Students
Ai-Hong Chen & Ainin Nazrin Ahmad Nazri


IJPTL - Vol. 2, No. 1
February 2022
(e-ISSN: 2773-5826)
Teaching and Learning Approaches in the New Norm

List of Papers

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List of Reviewers


The Drive of Digital Literacy Skills in the 21st Century

Farina Tazijan, Rofiza Aboo Bakar & Nor Fazlin Mohd Ramli

Developing Online Speaking Activities Via TikTok: Project-based Learning

Ikhsanudin Ikhsanudin & Dwi Susanto Ali Purwoko


Challenges in the Teaching of Speaking Skills in Tamil Subject among the Indian Students at the National Primary School

Khasturi Ramalingam, Yeo Kee Jiar & Nur Ilianis Adnan


Augmented Reality for Virtual Practical Learning of EDM Wire Cut Maintenance

Abdul Rahman Hemdi, Noorzalifah Tongal & Rohidatun Mahmod@Wahab


Study on Acceptance of Google Meet as a Learning Platform among Students in Higher Education Preliminary

Muhammad Aiman Abdul Halim & Rofiza Aboo Bakar


Exploring the Practicality of Drama Activity in Teaching English to Preschoolers

Nur Ilianis Adnan & Astalakshmi Paranjothi


Evaluating the Relevance of Tasks in EFL Textbooks “Think Globally Act Locally”

Aryani Aryani, Rofiza Aboo Bakar & Regina Regina


A Study on Depression and Anxiety Among University Students During ODL

Rafizah Kechil, Nor Hanim Abd Rahman & Noor ‘Aina Abd Razak


Death Education in Malaysia: From Challenges to Implementation

Hui Zanne Seng & Phei Wei Lee


Identifying reasons of mobile phone use during assessment among university ESL learners

Noor Azli bin Affendy Lee & Fazrul Azmi bin Zulkifli